100% clean, sustainable and cost effective solutions to Africa.

Wastewater Management

A decentralised, compact, cost effective and low power consumption wastewater management system


An eco-friendly water source solution improving water quality
for the benefit of mankind whilst creating sustainability


A flexible, scalable and zero pollution solution providing efficiency and fresh water
to homes all over South Africa


Sewage treatment devices suited for the local treatment &
discharge of domestic sewage
from single or multi-household

ASML Enviro

ASML Enviro (PTY) LTD is a technological innovations company, where our key focus is on sustainability.This is provided through water desalination, wastewater management, water-recycling toilets and water purification. We use highly mobile and modularized technology to enable our key focus of sustainability. 

We have partnered with ANGEL, one of the world’s largest leading manufacturers of water filters, purifiers and dispensing machines, to provide the South African commercial and consumer sectors with high quality water.

In addition, we have also partnered with Capital Greinworth, leaders in the comprehensive treatment of rural environments and domestic rural sewage treatment industry development. This partnership provides the sustainable solutions to wastewater management.

ASML Enviro has pioneered a decentralised, low power consumption, yet compact wastewater management system that is specifically designed for the rural environments suited to the unique African demographics. Our solution is widely adopted in agriculture, livestock farming, township sewage and rubbish.

Advanced Technology

New and developing IT Innovation, used in a variety of environments promises to provide future and significant value. This technology is to simplify and optimize necessities.

Environmentally Friendly

These solutions do not create pollution and are therefore not harmful to the environment. Sustainability is secured and ecosystems preserved.

Economic Upliftment

The adoption of new technologies, transitioning under-serviced areas and providing general improvement in living standards. Improving the quality of life through human development.

Social Responsibility

An integral part of our business is to provide socially and environmentally conscious solutions contributing to the welfare of society and the environment.

Our vision is to use disruptive technology and solutions to create a better environmentally friendly world for humankind.

Our Core Focus

“Decentralised Wastewater Systems help communities reach the triple
Bottom line of sustainability; good for the environment, good for the economy and good for the people.”

At ASML Enviro, we pride ourselves on bringing in the latest and greatest technologies to solve water and pollution challenges in and around the African continent.
It is imperative we understand the African demographic features and apply our mind to render a decentralized solution so our villagers and rural inhabitants can have access to clean water whilst enjoying modern sanitation systems for a better quality of life.

Core Values