Project Description

Green Energy

A South African based independent power provider.
Our primary focus is using a rather disruptive renewable technology to generate, save and preserve energy.

We understand the unique demographic challenges of Africa and therefore propose a decentralized, off-grid, self-sustainable and renewable power generation solution. This solution is for governments, mining and industrial sectors, manufacturing, hospitals, commercial and communities.

ASML also introduces an innovative solar generator system with built in batteries for ordinary African households. This helps South African consumers to cope with the rather frustrating power outage from time to time and creates enormous value in the balance of lifestyle and money.

Electricity Produced
1 000 KW/h (24 000 KW/day).
This is equal to 6 MW/day of solar power produced

Operated via full remote Cloud-Based IoT sensor control; Pressure Control, Water Volume Control, Temperature Control and Power Output Control.

All data and analytics will be stored remotely at a control center.

These units are stackable and scalable without any limitation. It is directly connected to the end user – avoiding mini substations and can be completely off-grid.

Power System Advantages

  • Design
  • Intelligent Management
  • Electricity spread
  • Land usage