Project Description

Wastewater Management

Domestic households, industrial and agricultural practices produce wastewater that can cause pollution from many lakes and rivers. Untreated sewage water in such areas can contaminate the environment and cause diseases such as diarrhea. The wastewater treatment equipment can be utilised in medium to large villages.

Given the unique South African demographic features, ASML Enviro has partnered with Capital Greinworth introducing a decentralized, compact, cost effective and low power consumption wastewater management system for rural habitants, farmers and residents living along the rivers.


1. Excellent Environmental Performance

The raw materials are mainly made of carbon and hydrogen atoms. When it reaches the service life, the waste will be returned to nature after being burned and the CO2 and H20 will not cause any secondary pollution.

2. Manufacturing Costs

The standardized design of the equipment is in the material, appearance, internal structure, transportation and production mode. The key structural components can be realized in the same series, greatly reducing the manufacturing costs.

Capital Greinworth carries a strong sense of social responsibility. This alone preempts ASML Enviro to adhere to the comprehensive treatment of rural environments as our own responsibility whilst leading the domestic rural sewage treatment industry development.

Smart AIoT System

A smart monitoring platform via AIoT technology to realize the equipment on-line operating status and routine operational management for the distributed sewage treatment equipment/station.

The platform contributes heavily to increase both efficiencies of equipment maintenance and the whole station’s operation which satisfy the data integration.

Integrated with AI technology, further improvement to long-term operational value, optimizing operational processes and lower operational costs.

Operational parameters are further improved through the build-up data module and are realizes through the equipment/station’s smart adjustment based on long-term operating data.

Support on investment management, helping to better understand the whole cycle process of investment, construction, acceptance and operation.

By combining with the pretreatment facilities such as septic tank, oil separation and residue tank, most of the COD, ammonia nitrogen and suspended solids are degraded and removed. The treated effluent is black, odorless and basically free of impurities, and meets the corresponding discharge standards.

A small irrigation system can be set up. The tail water can be used to irrigate vegetable gardens, orchards and green areas. So as to realize the resource utilization of tail water.

Sewage is separated by three septic tanks, and solid matter precipitation is decomposed by anaerobic fermentation for more than three months. On the one hand, it kills harmful bacteria in sewage, on the other hand, it makes organic matter in sludge decompose into stable inorganic matter, and easily corrupted raw sludge is transformed into stable mature sludge

The household sewage treatment device is suitable for the local treatment and discharge of domestic sewage from single household or multi-households. with a population of 3 to 4 persons