Project Description

Water Desalination

Technological innovation focusing on water desalination, disinfection of water supply and water purification.

We use a mobile and highly modularized power saving atmospheric pressure steaming technology for water desalination; Our cost is competitive and most importantly, our technology can avoid any ocean pollution from the process such as high temperature and high concentration brine.

The plants require minimal land size to the extent that a sea platform is considered for business operations as it is movable; weather conditions dependent.

The module is designed with huge flexibility; one being highly scalable and the other being zero pollution to the sea and/or environment.

Benefits of water desalination:

  • Cost
  • Highly drinkable water
  • No storage facilities required
  • Fresh water
  • Connected directly to the current tap water system


  • Modular Design – Highly Effective
  • No Pollution – No high-density saltwater produced or high temperature brine water
  • Steaming Design – Low cost of Operation