Project Description

Water-Recycling Toilet

ASML Enviro is proud to associate with world’s leading manufacturers in the water recycling toilet systems.

Our product solution can fundamentally help the African continent to undertake the sanitation difficulties due to lack of water, electricity and sewage infrastructure.

These toilet units can be also deployed in all major tourist spots, game reserves and mountains to boost economies and upgrade the quality of African tourism. In addition to tourism quality, this can also be applied to schools, bus stations, train stations, parks, public spaces and rural residents.

The modular building blocks can be scaled up and create an aesthetically pleasing visual that helps to improve city landscapes. This solution also relinquishes the common challenges of any municipality such as the numbers of toilets, location and restrictions by water and sewage pipes.

Our solution can be anywhere and everywhere whilst creating huge convenience for general citizens.
Water recycling toilet systems can save up to two million tons of fresh water as well as two to three million tons of sewage per year per city.
This system can be remotely monitored and operated via IoT technology monitoring its efficiencies and is directly linked to policing systems ensuring the safety and security for all.

It is a holistic solution for all, and it will revolutionize the quality of the life throughout Africa – the way we live, work and play.

Our Technological Advantages:

Toilet Modules: